Sure, we produce corporate events, but that’s not all. Snap! also produces non-profit events, public events, parades, concerts, training events, sporting events, fundraisers and some pretty mind-blowing parties, too. No matter the type of event, we deliver highly creative ideas, cost-effective production, flawless execution and audience impact.

We’re an organically grown, proud, woman-owned business with no one to answer to but our clients and ourselves. Our relatively small agency size means we’re more responsive, more flexible, more accommodating and more creative than our competition. Best of all, we invest the time to genuinely understand our clients cultures, personalities needs. 90% of our business is repeat. We grow through word of mouth and believe there is no better testimonial than a happy client.

Event Strategy

By really listening to what our clients want to achieve and learning about their businesses, we’re able to recommend and develop strategies that meet event objectives. We are masters of messaging. We make events memorable and fun.

Creative Direction

When your audience leaves your event, what do you want their big takeaway to be? The answer to that question drives our creative process. You tell us how you want your attendees to feel, what you want them to think, what do you want them to do, and that’s what we’ll deliver.

Live Production

Snap! can design, produce and direct every element necessary to make your event a success. Live events are challenging to pull off; stakes are high, you need game-changing results and there are no do overs.

Video Production

Companies have always defined themselves by their stories. That will never change – and it shouldn’t, because your story is the foundation of your brand. What has changed, is the variety of ways your story can be told – and the size of the potential audience within your reach.